5 Technological Innovations That Will Soon Change the World

Technological development does not stand still. We studied the news of the high-tech world and want to share with you some interesting facts about amazing devices that can change our world in the near future.

Contact lenses will become smarter

At first, people liked Google Glass with their augmented reality. But then, many realized that these glasses have one big problem – putting them on, anyone looks like an idiot. By the way, people from Google understood this too – they invited a designer from Apple and sent the product for renewal. But while the glasses will be completed, it may turn out that no one needs them anymore, as “smart” lenses are on the way. Being less exaggerative and noticeable to others, they are able to endow a person with the supervision of Terminator. Innovega Company, which once worked on creating such lenses for the US military, is now planning to release a civilian version called iOptik.

Wearing these lenses, you will receive e-mail and messages from social networks immediately in the eye, as well as look at the navigator's tips right during the drive. In addition, these “smart” lenses, like their usual counterparts, will correct vision: you will be able to read the signboards on the street even from the window of a skyscraper (they promise that iOptik will get a built-in zoom).

Also, Google is testing lenses for diabetics: there is a built-in system that checks the sugar level in human tears and sends data to a smartphone.  

DNA will help to keep healthy

The era of DNA medicine is coming. The UK National Health Service (NHS) has allocated £ 300,000,000 to a large-scale “100,000 Genome Project,” where the genomes of 100,000 people ill with cancer or some rare hereditary disease will be deciphered. Similar projects exist in other countries. Their goal is not only to learn to notice the signs of a future disease at the earliest possible stages but also to select the most effective means of dealing with it by the DNA of a patient. Scientists believe that our DNA will replace the usual medical cards. It will allow doctors to get all the necessary information about the body state of a person without any allenthesis.

We will inhale the virtual air

Virtual reality is becoming more real. Soon, it will be possible not only to see the distant countries from your sofa but also to smell them. A Harvard University professor, David Edwards, has already shown a device called  oPhone, which can form up to 300,000 odors using special cartridges. So, the future is just around the corner.

Your house will become a power-station 

"Green" ways of generating electricity already save the planet, but it does not affect your electricity bills. Do not worry, soon everything will straighten out: the eco-friendly flow of electricity will rush into your sockets.

Scientists are working on creating a paint that will replace solar batteries and supply your house with energy and even money (if you decide to sell excess electricity to your neighbors). This paint contains the so-called quantum dots – microscopic conductors or semiconductors. From an area of one square meter, you will get a flow of electricity that can light 7 100-watt bulbs.

Sleep learning

Neurological studies show that sleep teaching is quite real, the main thing is to synchronize learning new things with the sleep phases of a person. When we sleep, the brain structurizes and analyses the knowledge gained during the day, and it is quite possible to influence this process by stimulating neurons and strengthening memory.